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While I coach a variety of runners, my excellence in running is best served when my specialties overlap with my runners needs. Here are a few things to consider if you’re wondering if Running Smarter is a good fit for your running needs.

I specalise in training plans underpinned by cutting-edge science

In other words, I don't provide generic running plans designed with no consideration of your running history, or under assumptions that this plan worked for me, so it's going to work for you. I provide scientific plans using proven success formulas to replace guesswork with YOUR scientific running-boosting training plan. 

Every runner I take on begins with a thorough discovery process, which arms me with all the information that I need to design the most effective training plan to suit your needs,  helping you run faster and stronger. 


So if you're looking for a generic running plan, that's just going to 'get me through the race', I encourage you to demand more of your running plan. Running isn't easy, it requires a significant investment of your time and energy. Personal time is your most valuable time. Don't sell it short - I can ensure that you get the best bang for your time spent training. 


Here are a few types of goals that I can help you achieve: 

Run Stronger and Faster by running sessions personalised to you, not the needs of everyone at tonight's club run.

A training schedule that fits your schedule, allowing you to keep your social life.

Avoid injury and prevent persistent unexplained underperformance (overtraining syndrome)

I believe in modern-day coaching, not excel spreadsheets 

I provide all the runners that I coach, with complimentary access to a premium online training analysis platform, bringing running to the 21st century. This means, that you'll be able to view your training plan online on your desktop/laptop or on your iPhone/android through a user-friendly app.

If you find yourself carrying scribbled notes to your sessions, notes often lost in your travels. Why not take advantage of the iPhone/Android in your pocket, allowing you to review the sessions that I design for you on a user-friendly app. Better still, why not have your sessions synced to your running device so that I can coach you every step of the way with interval, pace and heart rate zone alerts. 

I don’t coach running form as I don't want to waste your money.

We've known since 1982 that changing runners form does not improve your running economy (how much oxygen it costs you to do what you're trying to do). If anything, should I change your running form I'm more likely to negatively affect your running than offer any benefit at all. Whether it's stride length, bouncing, heel strike or forefoot running that you're seeking to change/improve, science tells me that you will self optimise by just running more.

If your running coach is trying to sell you running form advice I encourage you to demand more. Science tells us that your pouring time and money down the drain and are likely to get worse if anything.

Instead, I'll use scientifically proven winning formulas to help you Run Stronger and Faster, by Running Smarter: 

Session-By-Session Analysis - To ensure that your running sessions are meeting their desired goals.

Training Load Monitoring - Keeping you healthy and increasing your performance.

Scientific Performance Testing - To identify your running needs and personalise your training plan. 

My training plans are not fixed, real-world happens.

The training plans that I provide are live. By offering the runners that I coach 24/7 support on my user-friendly app, I can readily adjust the plan to whatever curve ball comes our way. Be it work commitment or warning signs that overtraining syndrome is coming our way. Allowing me to carefully adjust your plan, to your life and how you're responding to the training loads. Avoiding the idea of just skipping a session when work or wellness gets in the way and hoping that it all works out come race day. 


It all starts with a conversation. Click below to schedule a FREE no-strings-attached consultation, with me, Dr. Gavin McClean to see what I can do for your running needs.

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