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Got a Running Goal? But Need A Clear Plan To Get You Where You Want To Be? 

Train with a personalised plan to maxmise your running potential

Sure, you could download a generic running plan. With persistence, you might improve. But you’re also investing your personal time into a plan that doesn't account for your running needs, or your time commitments. In other words, your selling your personal time short. 


I've got a better way. I'll design a training plan specifically for you, as you are unique.  Accounting for your training history and needs, scheduled around your lifestyle commitments. A clear plan that I can adjust when real world gets in the way. 

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A Training Plan That You Can Take Around The World And Back


Tired of reading training plans off your desktop or laptop? 

Sure, you could carry around sheets of paper with your training plan scribbled down. Or you can carry your laptop around with you wherever you go. This can work but gets tiring after a while. 

Instead, why not take advantage of your iPhone or Android by being able to view your training plan on an app? Better still why not have all your training sessions uploaded automatically to your running device? Allowing you to run with beep alerts for Intervals, Heart Rate, and Pace Zones? 

At Running Smarter, your training plan is viewable online on your desktop or laptop or your smartphone on a user-friendly app. With all sessions synced straight to your running device. 

What I Offer:

Scientific Performance Testing

Premimum Training Planning & Analysis

Wellness Monitoring


Create & Design Your Own Customised

Training Plan

I'll show you how to apply cutting edge science to your training plan. So that you can Run Faster, by Running Smarter.

Get the FREE scientific evidence-based training tips!

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Want to know if we're a good fit? 


It all starts with a conversation. Click below to schedule a FREE no-strings attached consultation, with me, Dr. Gavin McClean to see what I can do for your running needs.

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