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Running Makes You Healthy. And The More You Do, The Healthier You Become. Right? 

Training too often, however, leaves you tired and fatigued, making you more susceptible to illness. 

That means, if you don't look after your wellness, you're more likely to experience

At Running Smarter, I'll stay on top of your wellness by monitoring the 2-minute forms you complete on a user-friendly app. Allowing yous to enjoy a healthy lifestyle whilst keeping illness, moodiness and unexplained underperformance at bay. 

Runners Wellness Is Key. 

Are you keeping healthy whilst logging in the kilometers? If not, I can help. Having a Sport & Exercise Physiologist monitoring your wellness makes it easier to keep illness, moodiness and unexplained underperformance at bay (overtraining syndrome). That, in turn, will make it easier for you to Run Stronger and Faster, by Running Smarter. 

Chronic or nagging injuries

A loss of appetite

Persistent, unexplained underperformance

Agitation and moodiness

Insomnia or restless sleep


What I Offer:

Scientific Performance Testing

Premimum Training Planning & Analysis

Wellness Monitoring


Create & Design Your Own Customised

Training Plan

I'll show you how to apply cutting edge science to your training plan. So that you can Run Faster, by Running Smarter.

Get the FREE scientific evidence-based training tips!

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I promise to keep your email address safe.

Want to know if we're a good fit? 


It all starts with a conversation. Click below to schedule a FREE no-strings-attached consultation, with me, Dr. Gavin McClean to see what I can do for your running needs.

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