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Want To Maximise Your Running Potential? Train With Heart Rate To Ensure That Your Sessions Are In The Correct Zone.

Do you know your real Max Heart Rate? 

Without knowing this you're likely training in the wrong Heart Zone for your training session. Science tells us that more than 1 in 2 amateur runners get this wrong, and you don't want to be one of them.

The net result? 

Blunting your training adaptations whilst increasing your chance of experiencing persistent, unexplained underperformance (overtraining syndrome). Destroying your chance to reach your running potential. 

We're often told that our max heart rate is 220-our age. For example, let's say you're 30 years old. Subtract 30 from 220, to get a maximum heart rate of 190 bpm. But here's the thing. Whilst this works reasonably well at a population level, this is unreliable on an individual level. 

At Running Smarter, I determine your real max heart rate through cutting edge science, so that you can train and run smarter. I'll take care of the analysis on the right to ensure that your running sessions meet their target.

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Pacing Strategies Down To A Science

On a Run

Dominate your interval sessions and maximise your race potential. 


Sure, you could guess your pacing strategies for intervals and races, and you'd probably improve over time. You may even run some personal bests. But you're also not running at the optimal pace to improve or the race pace to reach your full potential. In other words, you're cutting yourself short. 

At Running Smarter, I use cutting edge science to solve this problem for you. I'll determine your Critical Speed and the finite distance that you can cover above Critical Speed (D').​ Determining how close you can approach that final limit, and how long you can maintain something close to that limit.

My cutting edge scientific approach will personalise your interval sessions and guide your race pace, allowing you to reach your full running potential. 

What I Offer:

Scientific Performance Testing

Premimum Training Planning & Analysis

Wellness Monitoring


Create & Design Your Own Customised

Training Plan

I'll show you how to apply cutting edge science to your training plan. So that you can Run Faster, by Running Smarter.

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Want to know if we're a good fit? 


It all starts with a conversation. Click below to schedule a FREE no-strings attached consultation, with me, Dr. Gavin McClean to see what I can do for your running needs.

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